Jun 12, 2023


Let me start off by introducing myself. I am Sitah Heijnen, Madglove co-founder and part of its design team. In this blogpost, I want to take you with me on a strip inside the designing process at madglove, talk about our ways of designing and the co-creation that is paired with it. At our company, we believe in creating products that cater to the unique needs of our customers. When it comes to designing gloves for people with hand spasticity, we believe that co-creation is an essential aspect of our process. We understand that hand spasticity can affect individuals differently, and we strive to create gloves that meet the specific needs of each user.

Co-creation is a collaborative process that involves working closely with people that in the end will use the product throughout the design process, from ideation to prototype testing. By involving end-users in the design process, we gain valuable feedback and insights that help us create gloves that truly cater to the needs of those with hand spasticity. 

The co-creation process starts with ideation, where we work with end-users to identify their specific needs and preferences. This may involve exploring different materials, designs, and features that can enhance the effectiveness and comfort of the gloves. We then move on to prototyping, where we test different designs and features and gather feedback from end-users. We have gone through multiple rounds of this process.

Throughout the co-creation process, we prioritize the comfort and effectiveness of our gloves. We understand that hand spasticity is a challenging condition to manage, and we strive to create gloves that make a difference in the lives of our customers. We believe that co-creation is a vital aspect of our design process, and we welcome our customers to reach out to us at any time to provide feedback or ideas. Our commitment to continuous improvement and co-creation allows us to create gloves that truly cater to the needs of those with hand spasticity.

So, if you are looking for gloves that can help you manage your hand spasticity, we invite you to join us in our co-creation process.  Together, we can create products that make a difference in your life. Want to sign up for the pre-order? Click here!

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Cara and Mada working on Madglove prototype


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